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28 July 2012 @ 10:36 pm

Title: Beauty in All shades of Black

Author: leunah23

Length: Short series 

Genre: Historical AU, Romance, Angst, Smut

Rating: R

Pairing: Kui xian/Li xu

A/N: I don't know if anyone can still remember this fic. It's been a while and i really missed writing fics T___T. I decided to update this one. To all new kyuwook readers out there...hi I'm leunah23...welcome to the comm! I hope you're enjoying your stay. I'm happy a lot of fans are noticing kyuwook now..and that they are super super adorable...and that they should get married. I hope you'll enjoy this fic, it won't be a waste of your time :) 

Warning: Genderswitch  !girl wookie, sungmin, leeteuk and heechul

Summary:  This is not a story of prince and princesses. There are no beautiful palaces and gardens. Just two young lovers who thought life and love were simple as they thought it was but then they realized they were so wrong. This is their journey. This is their love. This is the story of true love and the things that one will do to fight for it. 

To refresh your memory, here's the links to the previous chapters 1 2 3 4


                “Are we there yet?” Li xu pulled on to Kui xian’s hand as they walked.

                “A few more steps alright? Are you tired?” The tall and lanky boy answered.

                “No not at all…I’m just excited to get there already” Li xu’s eyes crinkled a bit as she spoke and Kui xian just can’t help but think that almost anything that this girl does can make his heart sink.

                A few more strides and they turned in one corner of a dirt road and then they were walking uphill. Kui xian looked up to the purple and orange sky and he sighed. It was a sight to behold and he only wished the girl he’s with can see how beautiful it is.

                “We’re here now!” Kui xian soon stopped as they reached the fields of flower containing gentians and different shades of primroses. It was a vast bed of different colors and the gentle breeze swept them making subtle waves of green and pink.

                “Really?!” Li xu released  Kui xian’s hands and she ran forward tripping slightly in large stone on the ground. Kui xian came to his senses and zoomed into her catching her by her waist. The girl felt his strong hands around her and she felt that heat again creeping on her cheeks.

                “Hey…careful” Kui xian whispered lowly in her ear, so close it sent shivers down her spine.

               “I’m sorry…I was overly excited.”  Li xu laughed.

                “Let’s go pick your flowers


                Kui xian let her to the shrubs leading her hand to the stems of the flowers to pick. Li xu smelled each flower that she picked and will smile gleefully at each stop. He was just so happy to see her being this all hyped up and jolly.

                When they had a bunch on their hands, Kui xian led her to a clearing where they can sit on the grass.  He led the way and assisted Lu xi to sit down.

                “I only wish I can still see them…” Li xu said quietly as she touched the flowers on her lap.

                “Have you seen them before?” Kui xian asked as he sat in front of Li xu with  his arms resting on his knees.

                “I did…when I was still a child. They were beautiful. Madame Li Te took me to fields like these, near the sea, the waterfalls and the hills. They were so beautiful Kui xian.” Li xu said with a tinge of bitterness in her tone.

                “What happened? You can answer if you want to…but if you don’t want to…it’s okay” Kui xian wondered. He never thought she used to see before.

                “The healers said I was sick. My sight slowly deteriorated as I grew up. First it was just blurring of my right eye then the left followed. It was devastating to watch the world fading slowly into just deep black through the years…” Li xu said sadly as she stared into the distance.

                “I can imagine that…Don’t worry…” Kui xian reached out for her hands and he held it like fragile glass between his fingers. Li xu was taken aback but she didn’t pull her hands away. Kui xian’s hands were rough yet comforting giving her security she never felt before. It was warm and safe and it’s telling her somehow that everything else will be okay.

                These things she’s starting to feel were simply overwhelming for her teenage heart.

                “Don’t worry…I’ll be your eyes from now on.I’d be willing to see the world for you Li xu” Kui xian tightened his hands around her and he looked at her, the deep orange rays of the setting sun were casting enchanting shadows on her face.

                “Do you mean that Kui xian?”  Li xu questioned.

                “I do…every word that I said…I mean it Li xu…”  Kui xian replied confidently.



                 “Because I think I love you”  Kui xian suddenly lost all his courage, like being poured with a bucket of ice cold water. What if Li xu rejected her? Wasn’t it too soon?

                “Because what?” Li xu was half expecting to hear something but she didn’t know what it is.

                “Uhmmm…it’s getting dark. We better get going…they might be worried about you again. Madame Li te will be furious…” Kui xian shifted the conversation because he thought his heart was going to burst anytime.

“Oh…yeah…you’re right. We should get going.”  Li xu tried to stand up and Kui xian helped her.

               The walk home was uneventful except for the fact that Li xu totally forgot the flowers they picked up. It was already dark when they reached the mansion. They said their goodbyes but then Li xu called him, and Kui xian came running back.

                “Thank you…” Li xu tried her best to tiptoe and reach for Kui xian’s face giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. Kui xian’s eyes went wide in shock .When he came back to reality, he blinked three times still disbelieving the fact that Li xu just kissed him. He held his cheek with his right hand and he wanted to scream and run around in happiness. He just wanted to grab Li xu right now and give her as many kisses as possible but he paused. He started to stabilize his breathing. Somehow he wanted to thank the heavens that Li xu can’t see his reactions because he will just be a dork in her eyes. 

                “Can I see you again tomorrow?” Kui xian finally found his words after smiling like an idiot for a couple of minutes.

                “Uhmmm…sure…oh…no I don’t think so…”

                “Huh? Why?”

                “We’re going to the temple from afternoon till night. We have a worship ceremony for  Hou Tu…” Li xu answered.

                “Oh…so I’ll go to the temple then…I’ll see you there.” Kui xian said excitedly.

                “Kui xian, men are not allowed in fertility ceremonies remember?”  Li xu said with a disappointed tone.

                “Oh…right…I’ll see you in another day then...” Kui xian’s face fell.

                “Alright…Good night Kui xian.” Li xu then turned her back on him.

                “Good night Li xu”

                “Please dream of me…”  Kui xian went home skipping because of the fact that Li xu just kissed him and it felt like he won more than a thousand bushels of gold coins.


                It was such a breezy day and everyone was having a good time right after the ceremonies inside the temple. The women were clad in their most colorful hanfus adorned with the proper hair accessories and finest jade ornaments. Sheng min was walking with Li xu at the courtyard where everyone were busy looking at the stalls that sell a multitude of items from clothing to kitchen wares and ornaments related to Hou Tu, the goddess of fertility.

                Li xu’s arms was around Sheng min’s as they walked afraid that she might get lost again. A tall woman was standing beside them in one of the stalls wearing a collar that was slightly higher than the normal. It was a fashion faux pas for Sheng min’s standards.

                She pulled Li xu along with her and they walked to another stall selling grilled sweet potatoes and tofu.  Sheng min noticed the abnormally tall girl trailing them behind and much to her annoyance the freak stood beside them while waiting for the sweet potatoes to cook.

                She can feel the other girl was burning holes at her and Li xu’s cheeks with her eyes. She was starting to get a little freaked out but Sheng min, the tigress that she was, bravely looked up to meet the tall girl’s eyes.  The girl was covering her mouth with a fan.

                Then the tall freak winked at her much to Sheng min’s surprise. She looked at the girl incredulously. The girl folded the fan covering her mouth                                                                                                                   

              “It’s me!”  Kui xian mouthed silently and Sheng min covered her own mouth with her hand to stop herself from screaming. She immediately pulled Li xu and Kui xian by the wrist dragging them away from the crowds into a not so distant coral bean tree.

                “Jiejie! Where are we? What’s with the rush? I thought you wanted to eat sweet potatoes!” Li xu was complaining with her eyes knitted together.

                “You stupid fool! You’re getting us into trouble! You and your stupid acts! Yah!” Sheng min started to hit Kui xian’s arm much to the latter’s chuckling.

                “Are you talking to me jiejie?” Li xu wondered what she did to make Sheng min hate her that much.

                “No my dear…this stupid…stupid admirer of yours is here…” Sheng min had her two hands on her waist,staring at Kui xian’s horrible appearance with fake hair arranged in a bun and wearing a red hanfu with the weird collar and his slippers were obviously 3 inches smaller.

                “Who?” Li xu was now more confused.

                “Hi Li xu…” Kui xian spoke and Li xu was also equally shocked to hear his voice.

                “What are you doing here?! You’re not even allowed to be here!” Li xu spoke in a slightly louder tone than usual.

                “Exactly my question…and where on earth did you get that hanfu that can fit you?!” Sheng min looked at Kui xian from head to foot and she burst out laughing.

                “What?!”  Li xu suddenly wished she can see if everything Sheng min was saying was true. All she can hear was Sheng min and Kui xian’s boisterous laughter.

                “Oh gods…Li xu…you should see him! He was almost dressed exactly like you! With a generous helping of something that looks like rice flour on his face!”  Sheng min was still laughing hysterically.

                Li xu started to laugh with them as she tried to imagine how Kui xian would look like in her mind. Sheng min looked at Kui xian when she finally stopped laughing and she can’t deny that longing gaze he was giving the other girl and she can’t find it in her heart to not even give him the chance to talk to her in private. He made this much effort after all.

                “Make it quick.I’ll be back in half an hour. Don’t go anywhere! You just stay here. Alright?”  Sheng min spoke but she addressed it more to Kui xian than Li xu. Madame Li te will cut her throat for this but she firmly believed her blind friend deserves to be happy and this Kui xian, as much as he was  an annoying little rascal, he can definitely make Li xu smile.

                “Thank you” Kui xian murmured at Sheng min who soon started to walk away from the two.


                “So are you really dressed up like one of us?” Li xu asked in much wonder as they sat under the coral bean tree.

                “Yeah…do you want to touch my hair?” Kui xian led Li xu’s hands to his fake hair and the girl soon laughed his heart out because Kui xian was indeed wearing his hair in a tight flower bun.

                “Why are you doing this? You’re so funny Kui xian” Li xu continued to giggle softly her mouth covered with his small hand.

                “I just…wanted to see you.” Kui xian reached out for Li xu’s fingers, touching it gently with his long slender ones. Li xu blushed again and she was lost for words. She twitched her fingers, entangling them tightly with Kui xian, feeling those hands again holding hers made her heart flutter.

                Li xu smiled at Kui xian with much admiration, both for his efforts and thoughtfulness.

                “I’m really happy that you’re here too…”

                Kui xian felt he actually has a chance with this beautiful girl and he had no plans in letting her slip away.


                “Where’s Li xu?”  Madame Li te asked Sheng min randomly as she found her in the crowd.

                “She’s there Madame” Sheng min pointed at the tree where the two was sitting.

                “Who is that woman? She’s a big woman!” Madame Li te squinted her eyes to see clearly.

                “Oh…she’s a fortune teller…err a palm reader to be exact.  Li xu doesn’t want me to hear the predictions for her that’s why I left them for a while.” Sheng min had to find a good alibi as Madame Li te sure noticed that the “big woman” was holding Li xu’s hands.

                “Tell her to hurry up. It’s getting late. We’re heading back to the manor soon.” Madame Li te ordered Sheng min.


                “Jiejie…I’m sleeping now. You can turn the lights off if you want to” Li xu retired to her bed that night wearing her night dress.

                “Good night Li xu…” Sheng min shuffled with her bed sheets but she didn’t turn off the candles around their room. She waited for a good thirty minutes until she can hear Li xu’s steady breathing.

                “She could be asleep now”  Sheng min slowly crawled out of bed and tiptoeing her way out of the door. A man entered inside and he quickly seized Sheng min’s lips even before he was fully inside the room.

                “Shh…she might still be awake…keep quiet…” Sheng min gave him a quick peck

                Yin he carried Sheng min to the bed, his lips never separated from hers. He straddled her and started to untangle the tie of her robes. He seized her neck with ravishing kisses and soon Sheng min was already removing his clothes.

                The night ensued and Sheng min tried to muffle her screams when Yin he brought her to the brink several times.


                The next day, Li xu had dark circles around her eyes she barely slept because of Sheng min’s weird cries and moans. She can’t understand what’s happening but she can hear the creaking of the other’s wooden bed and the ragged breaths of more than one person.

                “Why are you so quiet?” Sheng min asked Li xu.

                “I’m so sleepy” Li xu yawned.


                “I barely slept last night. You were so noisy jiejie…what were you doing?” Li xu explained, quite disappointed but still sweet nonetheless.

                “I’m so sorry Li xu, I…I thought you were asleep.” Sheng min answered.

                “Where you sick?”

                “No…no…o f course not…” Sheng min contemplated if she will let Li xu know. Because Li xu is so clueless, she might accidentally blurt this out to Madame Li Te or the other girls. That, will be the end of her.  The masseuses were not allowed to have relationships with guests or to anyone or else they will be jobless. Sheng min won’t risk that. It’s the only thing that she knows for a living.

                “I thought I heard someone too…that’s not you…making those weird sounds…” Li xu wondered as she continued to rub her sleepy eyes.

                This is what Sheng min feared. What if Li xu asked these things from other people?

                “Li xu…can you keep a secret?”

                “Of course jiejie…of course! Is it a funny secret? Will it make me laugh?”

                “No I don’t think so….”

                Sheng min told Li xu about this Yin he, one of Madame Li Te’s guards. He was a customer a few months back. Sheng min thought he’d just be one of the many others but he proved to quite different. She fell in love…and he did too. It was just different.

                “How did you know it was different?” Li xu was very curious.

                “You know about our “special services” right?” Sheng min uttered.

                “Not much…all I know is that I’m not allowed to do it…Madame Li Te said it would hurt.”

                “Not all the time Li xu…not all the time….that’s the difference I’m talking about. With Yin he…it didn’t hurt at all. It felt beautiful…it felt good…it felt…lovely.” Sheng min uttered with  misty eyes.

                “Why does it have to hurt? And how does it relate to the weird sounds?”

                “”Oh my gosh Li xu! Why is it very hard to talk to you!” Sheng min was at her wits end and she just babbled the details of sexual intercourse and it’s relation to the weird sounds Li xu was pertaining to.

                After a few minutes, Li xu was speechless. She can’t imagine all the things that Sheng min said. What registered to her was that…it will feel great if you do it with someone you love.

                “Did I mar your innocent brain too much? I’m so sorry Li xu…but I think you’re in the right age to know! You just can’t be kept in that pure bubble of yours forever. I bet you haven’t even tried to touch yourself!” Sheng min said theatrically.

                “What are you saying? Am I even allowed to touch myself? Isn’t that bad?” Li xu was shocked by all these.

                “Oh my! I can’t believe this!” Sheng min soon left the other girl and retreated to her own bed.


                That night, Li xu was lying on her bed but still fully awake. She can’t seem to take her mind off Sheng min’s revelations. So Yin he was her lover…and he was visiting their room sometimes to do lovely things to Sheng min.

                What disturbed her most was Sheng min telling her about touching herself. Li xu was suddenly curious of her own body. She turned on her side, hoping that Sheng min won’t see her. She slowly put her hand inside her night gown and she touched her breasts. She let her palm run through the mound and when she grazed her nipple, she felt a sudden pleasant feeling between her thighs. It felt too good and she was unaware that she was already doing it repeatedly and her mouth was already partly open. She was carried away by her actions and soon she let her other free hand slip under her skirt reaching for her cavern, where she felt the jolts of pleasure were heading to. She slowly squeezed the lips with her fingers and she almost moaned at the sensations she was getting.

                It was so foreign but everything felt good. Her hands moved faster and she let her fingers slide inside her cavern, discovering that one part that simply amplifies the pleasure a thousand times. She closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath and then she suddenly thought of Kui xian…how does it feel if it’s his fingers inside her and his hand kneading her breasts? Her hands moved faster at the thought and she can feel her fingers being filled with a hot sticky liquid heightening the sensations further. She can feel it…she can feel that she’s racing to somewhere she has never been before.

                Her brain snapped and her breathing hitched as Li xu experienced her first orgasm. She took her hands off her own body and she tried to catch some air. She felt so hot…and beads of sweat were on her forehead. She laid on her back, tired and still with a heaving chest.

                She felt pleasure for the first time and it was unexplainable…exhilarating. She can’t quite understand how can Madame Li Te deprive her of these kinds of things. 

02 July 2012 @ 11:44 pm

Dear you

First and foremost I want you to know that I love you as a friend and it will stay that way whatever happens

This letter is for my peace of mind…your peace of mind and the salvation of our hard earned friendship.

I know I have been weird and  I know that superhuman powers are not needed for you to actually figure it out.  I believe our IQs are very much at par.

I just want to let you know that I tried my best not to be weird. I really did. I really really tried very hard. (Don’t go jumping around right now celebrating your charms coz you know I can go  and crush you physically right?)

But I think it’s inevitable. I know this situation was bound to happen someday. I just never really thought it would be with you.

I really tried to convince myself that it was fate’s one huge practical joke but I realized it wasn’t when it already started to hurt.

So there…did I clarified anything with this letter? I think you don’t need clarification anyway.

I would be lying if I will tell you that some of your actions were not bound to mislead any girl. Maybe right now you’d be saying that I am no different to HER after all. But our difference is, I’m trying to make it clear for you, so I chose to discuss this matter as objective as possible.

Be wary of your actions sometimes. It’s not a matter of being too kind. I know you are kind but Drew was very kind too but I never saw him as someone who might actually have feelings for me.

So are you ready for the list? (I know…that you might say that this won’t apply to me coz I am your friend for 11 freaking years! But then again…hello?! I’m biologically female in case you didn’t notice)

1.)    You discuss your emotions too much…with so much honesty.

2.)    You once told me this “ Pag nagkaroon ako ng girlfriend mamahalin ko talaga”


3.)    You share about your family too much.

4.)    You go running to me when the world is crashing down on you or the world (aka Aubrey or Caloy) is freaking you out. (I think you did this soooooooooooooo many freaking times sometimes it’s really tiring. It’s just now that I realize…oh...it seems that you’re always the one who needed saving.)

5.)    You go carry my stuff and then tell me “sana may gf talaga akong sinusundo ng ganito no?”

(oh gosh….are you fucking kidding me?” )

6.)    You go around telling our friends jokingly that we’re dating (I started questioning too if we are actually dating during that time)

7.)    It’s okay to go out with a friend on a “role playing date” but…you don’t buy new clothes and use your dress watch (naman? Right? Think about it)

8.)    You have this girl in your mind that you like…but your efforts never materialized.


10.) Don’t discuss your wedding plans to someone you don’t intend to marry.

11.)  Don’t discuss the future of your unborn children to someone you don’t intend to have children with.

12.) You tag me in your pictures and drawings eventhough I’m not with you

13.) You showed me your freaking half naked picture (I was like WTH?)

14.) You don’t invite yourself to our ball and…you don’t just tell someone that you’ll bring her to your ball


I’m doing this because I don’t want to be confused anymore and to alleviate you of the trouble of actually thinking what to do about the problem.

I’ m doing this because I want to be an honestly happy bridesmaid on your beach wedding.  I want to feel that I’m going to a wedding of one of my amazing friends and not my own funeral. I want to be truly happy for you and I don’t want to feel like I want to bring out my flame torch and burn your future wife alive.

Yes I believe that this letter can prevent that from happening.
This can prevent my monster mode from happening.

I’m doing this because I believe our friendship is really something to be proud of.

I wanted to save it right now, when it’s still 60-40

60% friendship and 40% weirdness.

I wanted the weirdness to end because it’s starting to hurt me. I know…and I firmly believe that you never wanted to hurt me…right?

I wanna say I’m sorry…I’m really really sorry. I never intend this to happen. It just happened. I guess it’s part of the painful process called growing up.

For whatever outcome that this letter may bring, just remember that I will always be happy for you.

You’ll be rest assured that I’d be supporting your still hypothetical girl 100%, as long as you love her and she loves you. As long as she can help you buy/choose nice clothes…as long as your mom likes her and as long as she’s making sure that you’re eating properly.

I’ll be 100% supportive but not NOW. You see I need time and space…I think.

I know it will be weird…like super weird, but I bank on the integrity of our friendship THAT MUCH…that I think we can do this…and we will still be friends even after all the weirdness.

I trust this friendship this much that I had the courage to write you this letter.

I will definitely miss you during the interim but then again…I still long for that day that I can honestly say that I missed you as a FRIEND and not as something else that I have managed to conceive in my warped up universe during these past few months..errr years (just to give you a brief idea on how long have I been building this universe inside my head).

Till then…see you soon! In a few months? I hope that it won’t be years you know.

Take care 

15 April 2012 @ 01:58 am

TITLE: I Wonder When Will Stop Missing You


Genre: Angst

Pairing: Kihae

Summary Donghae was missing him and he's trying really hard to let him know. : 
A/N: Inspired by Donghae posing with a "Kibum-ah I miss you" banner in SS4 Shanghai. I won't be tired of saying this to the world...KIHAE IS NOT DEAD!!!! 


The city lights were passing by his sight at a fast pace. Donghae stared up, almost dozing off after the very tiring concert. He always felt like this everytime, tired physically..tired mentally...emotionally and everything else in between. The van was moving fast and he can only wished it would move faster so that he can finally sleep it all off.

At the end of the day...he would just sleep and wish that next day would be a better one. He might seem really pathetic but every time he laid his weary head on a pillow, on whatever side of the globe he was currently located, he would still wish that he will wake up with that smiling face he missed so much greeting him good morning.

He missed his eyes...he missed his lips...and he missed everything about him. He missed even his silence because most of the time, his silent presence was his sole grip on sanity. 

His phone beeped. 

From: Kibummie ^_^

I miss you too

Donghae bit his lip and he stared way...way up so that those impending tears won't trickle down his face. 

11 March 2012 @ 05:17 am

TITLE: 78 words


Length: Drabbles

Genre: AU, Fluff,Romance, Smut

Pairing: Kyuwook

Summary: It’s really hard to summarize drabbles 

A/N: Inspired by some short short story contest I read in some magazine. The challenge was to write stories made up of 78 words only.. It’s been so looooooooooong since I wrote something so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I’m glad that things are looking up again in the comm. J Enjoy reading! J


He woke up with a sound of loud banging on his door. He opened his frosty blue eyes and the hardened dew between his lashes made it difficult.

“The polar caps are melting sire…”

He stood up and went out, ready to curse anyone who dared to disturb his kingdom.

He found this fire flicker in the middle of this icy wasteland.

He sees him.

He felt his heart…it was warm.

Even his cold cold heart was melting.


“Do you think it’s pretty this way?” Ryeowook  asked Kyuhyun while holding the eyeliner.

“The winged style?”

“Yeah…it’s pretty right?”  Ryeowook tried to make his eyes appear equal.

“No straight guy will be that enthusiastic in putting eye make-up” Kyuhyun huffed with raised eyebrows.

“Maybe I’m not straight then…” Ryeowook’s voice quivered.

“Finally!”  Kyuhyun said inside his head

“We need to talk” Kyuhyun gave the other an intense look.

“I thought it would take us forever”  Ryeowook smirked.


It’s just not fair…

Ryeowook closed his eyes, his bit his lower lip hard as each strong thrust rocked his whole being.

He held the corners of the pillow tightly with his small hands. He loves him…so much that he let this happen.

He felt the pain more in his heart than his body, but he won’t falter.

He loved everything that Kyuhyun is.

 He loves him.

But  for Kyuhyun it’s just fluid lust running through his veins.


Kyuhyun stared at the counter on his wrist.


 Three hundred sixty good deeds in 30 days or heaven won’t let him return and he’ll burn in hell.

He looks at Ryeowook beaming at him for his final good deed. He was the one who thought him how to be a real angel.

Save puppy from the speeding car: gain 2 points

Kiss Ryeowook senseless: loose 10 points

The clock says 11:59.

Who cares about burning in hell?   

Sungha Jung

Kyuhyun crawled beside Ryeowook who was on the bed with his laptop. He planted a quick kiss on the other’s cheek. Ryeowook smiled but his gaze remained on the screen.

“Sheesh…fanboying on that Sungha Jung again…” Kyuhyun frowned.

“Can’t you see his soooooo good playing the guitar!? A real genius!” Ryeowook spazzed .
“I bet he can’t sing!”

“Jealous much?”

“Of course not!”

“Sure…” Ryeowook smiled.

The next day…he saw Kyuhyun walk in with a newly purchased guitar.  

A/N2: You guys should check out Sungha Jung on YouTube…this boy is WICKED!!!

23 August 2011 @ 12:34 am

Title: Just Always
Length: One shot
Author: leunah23
Pairing: Kihae, !ninja Kyuwook
Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut
Summary: They lived, they loved and it was hard as ever. Donghae was struggling to be there and it took a very understanding leader, a smart-ass magnae and endless shots of toxic substances to make it all happen
A/N: Almost 2 years of not writing anything Kihae….I came up with this fic because it’s Kibum’s birthday…I might not have made it on time…nonetheless…better later than never? Hehehehe..Enjoy reading!

For all Kihae fans,(especially penipenpenpenipenpen) out there…I refuse to believe that this ship is dead…the world needs more Kihae…because they’re just different. Only Kihae fans will understand J


            “Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else right now Hyung?” Kyuhyun muttered beside Donghae as he sat beside him in one of the stools on the bar. Donghae swirled his glass, staring at the ice doing small revolutions around the bitter liquid inside. He heard the soft tinkling of it against the glass and his face broke into a sad smile, taking a swig of his drink.

            “I take that as a heavy yes..” Kyuhyun smirked and he looked at Donghae with pity. It’s not really right to make a member quit because of being gay…and it’s just totally unfair that they made Kibum quit and let Donghae stay. It’s just cruel. Sure enough they totally compromised the group’s reputation when a reporter caught them making out inside a hotel’s parking lot.

             They were really in big trouble considering the amount of money SM had to shell
out to shush that asshole reporter.

             For some weird reason that all of them cannot comprehend, SM asked Kibum to leave but not Donghae. They fathomed that Super Junior needs Donghae more. Management told them that they won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.Donghae wanted to leave too but management won’t let him telling him that it would be a breach in his contract. They told him they would sue him if he left. It was really chaotic back then, but it all ended up with Kibum
leaving and Donghae staying with a heavy heart and sad eyes everday…off cam of course.

             “I can’t leave…you know I can’t…you know they won’t let us meet. “ Donghae huffed. Kyuhyun understood. Donghae and Kibum being caught again together will mean that SM will totally drop Kibum. Donghae just didn’t
want that to happen. At least they would still be able to see each other sometimes during those SM parties. Just to see each other, it was enough for Donghae. It’s been a year that they had settled for phonecalls, text messages
and Skype sessions. It was really not that easy. They were successful in sneaking out Kibum to Italy but totally making sure that he won’t have pictures with them.

              Now that’s bullshit…right?

              Kyuhyun can totally read the laments running through Donghae’s mind by just watching him take small sips of his liquor.

             “Trust me hyung…I know the feeling” Kyuhyun muttered. Donghae gave him a bitter smile and he watched Kyuhyun nod at Ryeowook from across the room. Ryeowook sneaked a wink and Donghae wanted to laugh out whenhe saw Kyuhyun blush.

               “Young love…you don’t know what kind of monsters you’d be facing…enjoy the moment kids…” Donghae
mused inside his mind.

                “Is he the only road block we have tonight?”  Kyuhyun asked thoughtfully. Donghae nodded.

                “I’ll take care of this. Use my car”  Kyuhyun threw the keys at Donghae after asking the bartender to concoct the most potent drink they have. He grabbed the glass and he offered it to his manager while talking to Heechul.

                Donghae thought Kyuhyun was a brilliant kid indeed. 

                After a couple of hours, Kyuhyun was able to turn their manager into a drunken heap of a human being in one of the couches.

                Donghae figured he just won’t go wasting Kyuhyun’s efforts. He took his jacket and wore the hood over his head. As he was about to go out the door, he heard the voice he didn’t want to hear the most in times like

               “Donghae…” He turned to look and he saw Leeteuk’s face with an expression he can’t decipher. He knew for sure where he was going. He didn’t see any trace of anger in the leader’s face. He just looked tired…tired of everything Super Junior has been through, with him as the middle man always. His hyung’s just 30 but he knew that after all they’ve been through, his mind might be as matured as a 50 year old man.

               “Hyung….I…I…”  Donghae stuttered, struggling to say that he’d just be going to the convenience store
to grab something.

                “No need to struggle with lies Hae…we know you’re really not good in that aspect..” Leeteuk smiled showing the dimple on his cheek.

                Guilt ultimately crept inside Donghae’s veins. Leeteuk seeing him leave tonight and not stopping him,
automatically makes him an accomplice, even worse compared to Kyuhyun. If he’s caught then, Leeteuk will
be going down with him.
                 “I’m sorry Hyung..I won’t leave if you tell  me not to…”  Donghae avoided Leeteuk’s eyes. He then felt the leader hug him tight.

                  “Just…just don’t get caught..be extremely careful Hae…and…don’t forget to greet him for me. Make him happy. It has always  been just you who can make him smile.” Leeteuk released him afterwards. He watched Donghae run to the parking lot in search of Kyuhyun’s car.


                  He arrived soon in a high rise condominium somewhere in Seoul and before he went inside the underground parking he spotted a 24 hour coffee shop nearby. He parked the car and went outside the building and crossed
the street to the said coffee shop. He wore his sunglasses before entering inside with his hoodie still over his head.

                  “Can I have that cake to go please?” He was very much thankful that the cashier was a guy. It slimmed down the chance of him being recognized as compared if it was a girl or worse a fangirl. He watched the manwrap the box with a ribbon and each minute his heart beat was getting faster.
                   It was the natural course of heartbeats if one’s somewhere and he wasn’t supposed to be there.

                   Donghae turned around and was startled a bit to see Kibum lined up behind him. With Kibum’s equally shocked expression, he knew he recognized him. Kibum immediately switched to poker face. Donghae went out the
door with his cake, feeling his phone inside his pocket.


                    Donghae waited for a few minutes and his phone vibrated.

From: Bummie

                   “PABO!!!! PABO!!! Wait for my call…go down at 11th floor..stay at blind spots. You knowthis building has lots of CCTV.”

                   Donghae smiled at the screen. His heart was doing crazy flips that finally after 6 months he will see Kibum…he will finally see his Kibum.


                  The call finally arrived and Donghae used the stairs to go up one floor. He typed the password to Kibum’s apartment, with much ease, each number imprinted like the spelling of his own name in his mind.

                  The door opened and he was immediately pulled inside by a hand that he knew very well. The stupid cake was grabbed from him and was placed on the nearest flat surface and he felt his back slammed in the nearest
wall. Strong hands cupping his cheeks and over-eager lips devouring his own, he already has a tongue inside his mouth, tasting every part of it and that tongue was not even his. He responded with equal arduous flicks of his own tongue. So apparently, this is the result of not being able to kiss each other for six
                   He felt his jacket and the tank top underneath it were already pulled up and he heard they’re not so gentle flight to the floor. He raked his fingers against Kibum’s already naked back and the other set were tugging fiercely on
the other’s hair. He can’t remember when did the shirt came off or if it was never there in the first place.

                   Kibum gasped for air in a split second and his mouth came crashing again on Donghae’s neck, ravishing each of those pulsating veins with his tongue.

                  Pabo…pabo..pabo…”He was whispering with each tongue flick but his words were falling on deaf
ears because Donghae was already figuring out how to unbuckle Kibum’s belt.

                   The said belt was soon discarded as well as Kibum’s pants. He kissed his chest while working his hand against the growing bulge beneath Kibum’s boxers.Donghae tugged him and soon Kibum’s back met the wall.Donghae went down, running his tongue along Kibum’s love trail and his knees ending with a soft thud on the floor. Kibum felt the cool air against his cock when Donghae hooked his fingers around the edge of his boxers, pulling it down.
                       Soon, the cold air was replaced by those familiar hands and a wet tongue around  the head.

                      Donghae just knew…and he will never unlearn it on how to make Kibum moan and tug his hair in a way that pleasure and pain’s just separated by a faint thin line. He bobbed his head hungrily, mouthing Kibum’s
hard and huge erection wholly till he gagged a bit. Kibum pulled him up, taking his mouth with his and dragging him to bed.

                       Kibum hovered over the other, with Donghae’s teeth tugging his lower lip.  He remembered those times
that he was just all skin and bones, always whimpering mess under a dominant Kibum. Donghae realized times have changed and maybe it would be more fun if he put his newly acquired muscles into good use. He tried to stand up and for the 2nd time that night, he tugged Kibum, exchanging their places. He was on top of him now, making those hypnotic body waves, making Kibum lose coherence as his bare cock grazed the other’s clothed one.

                       Donghae’s held the base of Kibum’s cock around his fingers, pumping them slowly as he climbed down Kibum’s body, leavinga wet trail from his clavicle down to his navel. Kibum felt Donghae’s wet mouth around his cock
again and he was feeling the pleasure mounting his veins as the other diligently sucked and licked the sensitive head. He opened his legs more granting access to Donghae, who was  licking like there’s no tomorrow, 6 months of deprivation becoming much evident.

                       “Donghae..ugh…” He was spewing curses in between pants of Donghae’s name and his back arched a few inches off the bed when he came.

                        Donghae has this habit of swallowing everything and today was not an exception. Kibum tried to catch his breath, as he opened his eyes from his high and everything around him was still hazy. He felt Donghae sucking
the skin of his inner thighs.

                         He soon climbed on top of KIbum, locking their lips again in a frenzied kiss and Kibum felt blood was starting to surge again down south. It was now his turn to switch their places and in a second, Donghae was
already underneath him.

                         “I missed you…I miss you so much.”  He lead the smaller one’s body and Donghae was now lying on his belly. Kibum kissed his jaw, his nape, with his tongue tracing the edge of his hairline and then proceeding to bite the other’s shoulder blade hard, leaving teeth marks

                          He wanted to tell the whole world that  Donghae was his…still his, and nothing will ever change that.

                          Donghae growled at the painful bite but  Kibum just soothed those bite marks with his tongue. He pulled the hem of Donghae’s boxers down to his knees, and those well shaped ass he missed so much was exposed in front of his face. He managed to pull off the boxers totally and soon he was kneading those soft butt cheeks with his palms. He made Donghae support his weight with his knees, and Donghae’s butt was now sticking up in mid-air.

                           Kibum positioned himself, pulling those cheeks apart and working his tongue towards Donghae’s entrance. Donghae bit his lip as he felt that slick muscle, wandering the edge of his hole and staying there for good,
Kibum taking his time, the tip of his tongue darting the inside.

                           “Mff….mff…” Donghae was muffling his cries on the pillow, as Kibum continued to part his cheeks, doing that oh so amazing tongue work on his crack. He felt the muscled delve deeper, his sensitive nerves sending jolts of pleasure on his spine down to his weeping cock.

                             Kibum gave one last swift lap on that abused hole before his to fingers started to slowly dig inside. Donghae grasped the sheets with his knuckles in  a tight fist as  felt Kibum’s long fingers started to do slow
thrusts inside him.  Kibum put his tongue against his entrance doing circles on the edge of his hole with the tip of his
tongue with his fingers thrusting fast inside and out.

                             Donghae’s mouth went dry with silent cries as he felt his mind was going to explode with too much pleasure. His prostate was being hit mercilessly by those fingers and the nerve stimulation around his hole was just
too freaking much.

                             Kibum just knows how to make him scream without even using his cock.

                            “Bummie…ugh…stop teasing…please…I want you…” Donghae was muttering helplessly as he tried to get over this delicious punishment Kibum was subjecting him to.

                             “What do you want ?” Kibum released his ass from all those simultaneous stimulation and he flipped Donghae on his back.

                             “You..Oh my God…Kibum…I want you…I so fucking want you…now!” Donghae mumbled in a deep haze.

                               Kibum carefully put the other legs around his waist and he led his cock to Donghae’s already prepared entrance. He slid in slowly at first making Donghae arch his back from the bed when the other’s already half way in.

                              He had almost forgot how his lover was. It’s been so long since he was stretched like this….this much. 

                               Kibum moved slowly, relishing each thrust and he lowered himself down to Donghae to meet his lips. He kissed him slowly and then he kissed his eyes, his nose…his jaw...and with gentle
voice he whispered in his ear.

                               “You just don’t know how much I missed you…” Kibum was still thrusting and Donghae held on to him tighter upon hearing this, pulling him more with his legs, as they became one.

                               He met Kibum’s thrusts, rolling his own hips in sync with each grunt. Kibum can hear his name coming out of Donghae’s lips like a mantra.  He can feel his own orgasm pooling on his groin, with Donghae’s heat engulfing his cock with a strong grip. He thrust faster, lifting Donghae’s legs over his shoulder and Donghae
was digging his nails around his nape.

                               Kibum searched for Donghae’s hard cock in between their bellies, pumping it fast and hard as he stared at Donghae’s beautiful face. Eyes closed with his mouth opened slightly in a loss of any coherent words to

                               Fuck he’s just so sexy looking like this.

                                Donghae gave out a strangled cry when Kibum finally found that spot. He kept on pounding, sending both of them in convulsive fits/ Kibum watched their slick bodies came in contact with each other in each

                                “Harder…please…” Donghae whimpered as he opened his mouth slightly trying to catch his breath. Kibum gave in and he fucked him harder, now that he knows Donghae can take in more than before when he was still

                                 Donghae came in spurts, staining both of their chest and abs. He gripped the other’s hair as he rode out his orgasm, while Kibum was still thrusting into him non-stop. His legs dangling on the other’s shoulders
where starting to hurt and in serious need of re-circulation.

                                 He tried to move his legs but Kibum held on to it tightly as he grunted and growled in his final thrusts. Donghae felt Kibum’s cum flowing in his crack and into his inner thighs. Kibum slowed down, dropping his legs and collapsing into Donghae’s chest…panting.

                                  Both of them tried to normalize their breathing, they inhaled the  musky smell of sweat and cum hovering all over the room. Kibum’s face fell when he realized that that’s all that would be left of Donghae in a few

                                  He felt soft lips meeting his in a sweet kiss.
                                  “What are you thinking about?” Donghae muttered after the kiss as he nestled himself over Kibum’s outstretched hand.

                                   “I..nothing…I just think..I was doubting this is real…that you’re actually here…” Kibum answered as he brushed off those sticky strands of hair on the other’s forehead. Donghae gave him a sad look and he cupped the
other’s face with his hand. He reached in for  a long and tender kiss. Kibum yielded and he felt his eyes were getting

                                     This is such a painful time for them and no one knows when it’s going to end or if there’s really an end.

                                     “Happy birthday…” Donghae whispered in the kiss and he hugged Kibum tightly, not wanting to let go. He can feel his bare shoulders getting wet and he knew the other was crying. He didn’t move, he can’t bear to
see the other’s eyes. He didn’t want to go away with Kibum’s teary eyes as his last memory. He knew the next one will be months and months away from today.


                                   A few hours have passed, and Donghae can feel Kibum’s chest against his back. A strong arm was draped around his waist. He was running his fingers through that forearm, committing each and every part of Kibum to memory. He ended up entwining their fingers and he felt Kibum throwing small kisses on his nape.

                                  “I can stay here…forever…I swear..” Donghae muttered as he felt Kibum’s tongue toying at the shell of his ear.
                                  “I know..and I do want you to stay..you know that…” Kibum pulled him closer and he sighed at how much he missed the other’s warmth.  Communication everyday was okay but being physically present was just different.

                                   “I hate to go…”  Donghae faced Kibum, dangling his legs over the other’s hip.

                                   “I know you do…” Kibum tried to distract Donghae’s sad mood with small fleeting kisses. He stared at the clock on the wall and it’s almost 2 AM.

                                     “But I need to go…” Donghae looked at Kibum’s eyes and he just realized he missed everything  about him, not just the sex…but everything. He missed those times that someone will patiently listen to his qualms about lifein general without even complaining just one bit.

                                      He missed Kibum, that someone whom he can spend hours and hours of comfortable silence with.
                                      He missed that someone who can assure him all the time that every thing’s going to be okay.

                                      He missed that assurance that all hell may break loose but Kibum’s love for him will never change.

                                      “Hae…you’re crying…stop crying…” Kibum made him aware and was now thumbing at those tears.

                                       “I can’t…I don’t know..I can’t figure out how to be free from this mess…I missed you..Oh God…Kibum..I miss you every freaking day…”
                                        Donghae was now crying on his chest. As much as it’s funny from an outsider to see a full grown man like Donghae crying like a kid, it never amused Kibum. He gently patted the other’s back to make him stop and when he did, Kibum kissed his forehead.

                                         “We can do this…we can do this alright?” KIbum cupped Donghae’s face and he traced his swollen eyes with a tip of his finger.

                                         Donghae nodded and he kissed KIbum deeply for a few good minutes before releasing the other and finally descending the bed.

                                         Kibum watched Donghae pick up his clothes strewn all over the floor and he watched carefully as each part of his body was covered with those garments.

                                        How he hated every minute of it.

                                         Donghae was fully dressed and he  sat beside the other who was still lying naked on the bed. He grazed his eyes all over him and he just can’t get over the fact that he loved every part of him. He leaned over to meet his lips again, still hungry and needing, as if the few hours they spent making love was never enough
to compensate. The repercussions of this daring move to be here with Kibum were marching in his brain but he just couldn’t care.

                                         Kibum released him and he touched the other’s lips with pad of his thumb. He will have to bear so many months before he can take these lips again.

                                        “Let’s go…I’ll see you off…” Kibum stood up from the bed, disentangling Donghae’s arms around his waist.

                                         “No…just stay here…I don’t want you to see me go. I just don’t want to be so sad…and I don’t want you to be so sad on your birthday.” Donghae gave him a bitter smile. Kibum nodded and he went inside the bathroom.

                                          A few moments later, Kibum went out wearing a bath robe.
                                          “Will you at least let me walk you to the door?”  Kibum gave Donghae that sweet, sweet smile
that was only meant for him.

                                           “Sure..” Donghae smiled back. They walked hand in hand to the door and before Donghae went out he stole another deep kiss from Kibum and then they were all over each other again.

                                            Soon it was Donghae who pulled back and though with much
heaviness in his heart he just had to say goodbye for now.

                                            “Bye Bummie…I’ll miss...I’ll miss you everyday.”  Donghae cupped Kibum’s face with his hands as he said that.

                                             “I know Hae..I know…and I miss you everyday too…” Kibum muttered as he kissed Donghae’s hand.

                                               Donghae can’t hide the melancholic expression of his face as he turned around to open the door.

                                               Kibum let him go and soon Donghae disappeared behind it.

                                               He gave out a heavy sigh. It’s his birthday and Donghae just visited him…supposedly to make him happy but he was sadder now than earlier that evening.

                                                He was about to head back to his bed, ready to call it a night when he heard the door of his apartment open and when he turned, Donghae was running to him, crashing their bodies in a tight hug.

                                                “Just one last kiss…please?” Kibum laughed a little but was cut short when he felt
Donghae’s soft lips against his and a quick tongue seeking entrance. He buriedhis fingers on the back of Donghae’s hair and he held on to his waist tightly.

                                                 “I love you…I love you…I so fucking love you Kim Kibum” Donghae mumbled between each frantic kiss.

                                                “Hey…I love you too…but …you need to go…” Kibum released Donghae and the other pouted. Kibum pinched his cheeks and he draped his arm around his shoulder as they walk again to the door

                                                “This is the longest goodbye ever…” Donghae whispered.

                                                “I know right? But it will just be for now…put that in my mind..okay?”  Kibum grinned and Donghae agreed. At least they ended this night with a happier note.

                                                “Call me when you’re already home…” Kibum reminded Donghae as he went out the door for the second time that night.

                                                  Kibum walked around the apartment and he noticed the neglected cake on the side table behind the door. He took and put it in the small dining table for two. He opened the box and he smiled at that one word
written in the middle.

                                                 No fancy words, no fancy messages…and no birthday candles.







03 August 2011 @ 11:42 pm
 Title: Endorphin for Dead Batteries 
Author: leunah23
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
A/N: This video gave me an idea for this fic...and seriously I think Kyuhyun's schedule nowadays is INSANE..im worried

Summary: It's already crunch time but Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are not in the rehearsal hall.  
“I knew I’d find you here” Ryeowook spoke as he emerged from the door in the roof top.

Rehearsals have been ending quite late. Everyone’s  getting at each other’s nerves since it’s 2 days before the comeback and it’s already 2 am.

Kyuhyun was sitting in one of the wooden crates scattered on the rooftop of SME building. It was his usual refuge during their 15 minute breaks. Eunhyuk was already very much frustrated at some of the members who has to be taught repeatedly of those seemingly easy dance steps, these members namely Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun was just so frustrated. He came straight from his musical. It was really tiring for him and to be shouted at by everyone including his Hyungs in the rehearsal room, it can be too much. During irritating times like this, he went to his favorite spot to take a breather.

Ryeowook walked towards the other boy and he gave him a sweet smile that Kyuhyun answered with a sad one. The older man stopped a few steps away from his boyfriend and he sighed.

“Poor Kyuhyunnie….”  Ryeowook pouted with pitiful look on his eyes while he looked Kyuhyun and his dark circles, bad flares of acne and disheveled sweaty hair. 

Kyuhyun reached out for Ryeowook’s hand and pulled him near. Ryeowook gave in and soon both his hands were cupping Kyuhyun’s cheeks.

“You look so exhausted…” Ryeowook stroke the other’s cheeks with his thumb as their eyes were locked in deep g aze.

Kyuhyun just gave him a gentle nod.

“I feel like a dead  cellphone battery… seriously…” Kyuhyun sounded  very sleepy.

“So what can I do to charge you?” Ryeowook ended with a chuckle. Seeing his bright eyes was enough to make Kyuhyun smile. The younger one pulled his hyung in a tight hug. Ryeowook hugged back, putting his arms around the other’s neck. Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook closer, encircling his legs around the other’s waist and burying his face on the other’s neck. He wondered how can Ryeowook still smell so nice after 4 hours of dancing.

Ryeowook felt Kyuhyun’s arms on his lower back tighten. He looked at his watch and he noticed 15 minutes have already passed.

“Hey…Hyunnie…Break time’s over…we have to get back.” He tried to release from Kyuhyun’s grip but the other tightened his arms around him.

“Wait…I’m still charging!” Kyuhyun blurted out, his tone a little more energetic compared to a few minutes ago.
“Stop it…you’re so silly. Let’s go before Eunhyuk hyung burns us alive. You know he so hated us during dance rehearsals” Ryeowook tried to pull back again but he was starting to laugh.
“Hmm… I don’t want to…” Kyuhyun buried his face again on Ryeowook’s neck.

Ryeowook  stroke the strands of hair on the back of Kyuhyun’s head as he let the other stay in his arms a bit longer.

“Hey dead battery…do you  want to try fast charging then?” Ryeowook offered.

“Huh?” Kyuhyun straightened  up but still holding Ryeowook in his arms.

Ryeowook smiled and he cupped the other’s face again, pulling him close. Their lips met and soon they open each other’s mouth to kiss intensely for a couple of minutes.

They released each other while catching their breaths.

“Fully charged?”

“I guess so…” Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook’s kiss bruised lips and tasted some of him in his own lips. He realized he had to be so thankful for having one Kim Ryeowook in his world.


03 August 2011 @ 12:20 am
Hahaha it was fun doing this...it's just so hard playing the guitar and singing at the same time hehehehe :) 

24 July 2011 @ 01:25 am
 TITLE: Someone Like You
Author: leunah23 
Length: One-shot
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kyuwook
Summary: Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead
A/N: This fic was written because of too much listening to Adele’s Someone Like You. Gaaah…this girl is angsty! It’s so infectious…When I was writing this, I was unsure if I can understand Ryeowook’s point. Sheesh read on…I hope you will get him eventually.

“Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?”

            It was a stormy night and the outdoor concert that we were supposed to be attending was cancelled at the last minute. As much as we still wanted to do it for the fans, management decided we stay at home. 
            It was a rare occurrence that all of us were in the dorm without anything to do. Normally I would be playing inside my room, but that night  Ryeowook decided to drag me into watching his favorite drama convincing me but that I will learn to love after watching it. I laughed.
            I laughed because I should have been telling him that I already learned it way, way before.
            I watched him sleeping on the couch with his head on my lap. My fingers slowly played with the wisps of hair falling on his smooth face. Ryeowook was really beautiful...happy, mad, awake or asleep.
            “ I love you…” I whispered firmly to his ears. Despite, the sleepy air floating around us, my then 22 year old heart, felt it was the right moment. It was just the two of us in the wee hours of the morning on the dorm’s living room.
             “I love you too!” Ryeowook replied and drifted back to somnolence.
             “Are you--?”I was about to say something when Ryeowook cut me midsentence.
             “Of course I love you too! I love all of you! Leeteuk-hyung! Heechul-hyung!!! Hankyung-hyung all the way up to Kibum!” Ryeowook stood up from his position from my lap and he hugged me tightly.
              I held on to him…afraid that I will see myself fall into pieces if I will let go. In a matter of seconds the silver lining I was seeing in my mind was swept away by dark stormy clouds.
             I just held him tight, hoping that he will somehow change his mind and his heart, to maybe…just maybe love me more than he loved our hyungs and everybody else.
             After 6 years, it’s still raining, I’m holding an umbrella over his head. The groom shouldn’t enter the church wearing wet clothes. I realized that even up to the end… me and my bleeding heart will still be willing to protect him.
So we were here waiting at the church door waiting for the bridal car. I watched he's beautiful face for the last time that I can still do it for free. Those wisps of hair really have their own charm when they fall against his smooth face.
             In a few moments, he will be someone else’s for good. I watched him closely with a nervous expression on his  face, fearing that she won’t show up.
             He  just didn’t know how much I was wishing that she won’t show up. I imagine the scenario in my head. She will stood him up, he will cry…yes but I’ll be here to comfort him anyway. Give us three months and he will be okay and everything will return back to normal and this horrible nightmare will be over.
              Sadly though, my thoughts are my dreams and what’s happening now is reality. I saw the white limousine enter the gate and he jumped a bit as he saw it too. I exhaled deeply, and I said something that I shouldn’t have said had I known that it will cause me a lifetime full of questions and regrets.
              “I was not joking when I said I love you.”
              “Don’t worry…I knew you’re not…” He whispered softly.
              “I was not joking either…” He smiled at me in a way that I have never seen before, 
               He ended with a bitter smile that I can’t comprehend. He turned on your back as the people started to move because the bridal car arrived. I was left there standing with my feet glued to the ground.
               The rain already ended as well as our time…I guess.
                Did he mean he knew I loved him all along but didn’t feel anything in return? I felt like falling on my knees and crying my heart out because of the pain bursting inside. The wedding bells started to resound around the church grounds and it hurt my ears as if they’re going to bleed. A guy bumped me accidentally as every member of the entourage took their places.
                I was the first one who walked on the aisle as your best man. I stopped counting on how many times I thought that agreeing to be part of this  entourage was a big mistake. I  didn’t want to look back, I knew I would be seeing him beaming at everyone. Each step that I took towards the altar was heavy and laden with much regret.
               “Didn’t I fight for this enough?”
                I always thought Ryeowook will just be around forever as the willing subject of my one sided love. I never thought that one day…I never imagined that one day, a girl out of nowhere will steal him away from me forever.
                The bridal march started to play and I felt that everything’s heading to finality and the inevitable was indeed inevitable. I tried to look up to the ceiling and the I saw that the sun had started to shine, it’s light peeping through the small cracks of the church roof. 

               Even the heavens were happy for them. It was the total opposite of my emotions during that time. I looked up because I don’t want my tears to fall from my already tear-brimmed eyes.
               But one can only hold that position for so long. I felt the urge to look and see everything with my own eyes. I saw Ryeowook smiling at her, while she took her time walking on the aisle. To my surprise, Ryeowook turned around and he saw some of the tears falling from my eyes. His smile faded and he slowly shook his head.
               I felt it, I felt it deep in my heart that he was trying to tell me not to cry.
              I watched as they exchanged their vows. Every minute of this supposed to be joyous event for the “best friend” of the groom, felt like the saddest funeral for me.
               After the ceremony, I knew I needed to go. Staying for the reception will just push me further to the brink of my sanity. After taking pictures with friends, I mustered all the courage to approach him just to say goodbye…maybe for now or maybe forever.
             “Congratulations…” It’s been a day of bitter smiles.
              “Thank you very much for coming. I know how hard this was for you…” Ryeowook whispered in my ear as he hugged me. I felt a hand slip inside the pocket of my coat and I wonder what was left inside it.
             “Goodbye Ryeowook…” I released him after hugging him tight.
Is this is the feeling of letting go? It’s not pleasant at all…not even one bit. I walked away as I went to my car with a heavy heart. I drove away as fast I can without any idea where I wanted to go. I accidentally brushed my hand against my pocket and I felt something was inside. I was surprised to see a letter written on a hotel stationary.
It was a letter from Ryeowook. I stopped the car on the side of the street to read it.

                       I am not really sure if writing this letter was still appropriate but I felt like doing it for you...for both us. I know you loved me more than just being your best friend, I felt the truth in your words during that rainy night…I felt it so much that I was afraid like I’ve never been before in my entire life. It has been so long that I also had been keeping feelings for you, feelings that I wasn’t able to completely understand. I was a coward and you can blame me for being such.

                     Maybe I think too much and you can hate me for that. I knew we felt the same but what’s really left for us to do back then? Do you think being in a gay relationship in a very famous Korean boyband will do good for us? Will the press leave us in peace? The fans will hate us as well as our hyungs. 
                     And worst…won’t our parents disown us? I’m an only child Kyuhyun…and you’re an only boy. I just can imagine the disappointment and the horror that our parents will feel if one day we go home and we introduced a fiancé instead of a fiancée . 

                     Maybe I was more afraid of all of these than actually losing the opportunity to be loved by the only person that mattered to me all these years.

                    I’m sorry Kyuhyun…I’m sorry for not trying…I’m sorry for being such a coward and for being weak…I can’t even stand up for my own feelings, afraid to be judged and hated by the whole world.

                   I’m sorry that I made this decision for both us . Given another opportunity to live on a different place...on a different lifetime, I’ll choose to be with you. I’ll be glad to wake you up each morning (and cook your pancakes) and kiss you goodnight before we go to sleep. Only God knows how much I wanted to hold you forever and just make every day of your life happy but we just can’t be.

                This must be cruel and you’d probably thinking that I’m the worst human being you’ve ever met right now. Maybe you were thinking what’s point…I didn’t know either…I just felt you deserve to know. You are very special…I know you will find someone who will love you more than I did. I know you will find someone who won’t be afraid to love you.

                Doing what our hearts desire isn’t always the right thing. Not all choices that felt good are right ones and not all things that will bring us eternal tears are actually wrong.

              Writing this letter on the night before my wedding was probably not the best idea. Writing this just brought me tears and my eyes are all red and puffy. I held them all inside for years…they are the only ones that accompanied me during those times that I needed to lie against my own heart.

              I’m sorry Kyuhyun…I’m really really sorry.

             I loved you…

               I can’t even read the last three words properly. Tears were again welling in my eyes and I shuddered uncontrollably holding the steering wheel in one hand and his letter on the other as I tried to keep myself together. My mouth was open and my chest was heaving in pain with muted cries.
              And then my tears dropped one by one and eventually I was crying uncontrollably like a 2 year old kid. I covered my mouth muffling my cries. I wanted to curse…I wanted to disappear like a speck of dust in space. I can’t remember I ever cried this hard all my life.
              Outside, I noticed the rain started to fall against the concrete road once again. 
               Even the sky was shedding tears for me. 
A/N2: Sad much? Sorry dearies... 
03 July 2011 @ 10:28 am

Author: leunah23 
Length: Series
Genre: Romance,Fluff, Crack, Restaurant AU
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kyuwook, Seokyu, ninja Kihae
A/N: I think everyone thought this fic died…I honestly thought so too. I hope some of you can still remember and still wanted to read this one :)  I missed writing this series so much. It was nice talking withkyulyn  and thewindchime  …talking with you guys made me miss the old school kyuwook so much :) credits to ninprime  for my poster as always :) 

Summary: Kim Ryeowook and Cho Kyuhyun never really had a good start. An unfortunate event in Deliceux made them want to cut each other’s throats whenever one was within a 1 km radius, but Cho Kyuhyun needs to know how to cook French and he will learn it only from the best. Ryeowook obliged against his will just to keep his job… but will it be the only thing he would want to keep towards the end? And will Cho Kyuhyun learn something more than learning how to whip up a seven course meal? 
What happened in Chapter 12: Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun to accompany him in a resto in Itaewon to try out some sorbets. He made Kyuhyun ride the subway and stand up Seohyun. It was raining hard and they were trapped inside a phone booth.

Chapter 13

                  “Ryeowook-ah…I’m really sorry…but I can’t control this anymore…” Kyuhyun gave an intensive look at the chef who looked like a trapped mouse.
                  “Oh my gosh…what’s he going to do??!” Ryeowook panicked inside and he felt like his chest will burst open. 
                   He closed his eyes so afraid to anticipate what will happen next. The last thing he saw was Kyuhyun closing in the distance between them.
                  Then Ryeowook felt two fingers pinching his nose tightly. Ryeowook got all confused and shocked at the turn of events.
                  “Ryeowook-ah…I’m really sorry but my stomach’s really rumbling. I don’t know what caused this terrible gas from dinner but I really had to let this out. I know you’ll suffer this…what with this extremely enclosed space…”
Ryeowook heard that dreadful sound and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at Kyuhyun’s expression of relief. He tried to use his mouth to breathe.
                   “Is it gone now?” The smaller guy asked with a nasal tone. Kyuhyun sniffed the surroundings and he shook his head apologetically.
                    “Oh gods…it must be really bad….” Ryeowook spoke again while Kyuhyun still pinching his nose.
Kyuhyun released Ryeowook’s nose after five minutes and Ryeowook gasped for clean air to breath.
                     “Yah! You want to kill me?!” Ryeowook hit Kyuhyun’s shoulder.
                     “Sorry…” Kyuhyun smiled sheepishly as he scratched his head.
Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun deeply. He really thought he was going to kiss him. Then Ryeowook broke into laughter because it was really funny…the mighty Cho Kyuhyun was so embarrassed to fart in an enclosed space. Kyuhyun was blushing madly but then he himself broke into hysterical laughter after.
                      “Thing...we’re still here…” Ryeowook stared at the dark streets, heavy rain causing wild tapping sounds against the roof of the phone booth.
                       “Yeah…I noticed that…I’m getting tired of this position too…” Kyuhyun still has his arms stretched in front of him gaining support at one of the walls so that he won’t come crashing against Ryeowook. They were so cramped inside, their legs were almost tangled. Ryeowook was just too careful not to brush anything dangerous with his knee.
                       “It’s almost 2 hours…I think we already missed the last train…” Ryeowook said sadly, feeling guilty a bit that this supposed to be “date” ended up with a disaster. He was the one who dragged Kyuhyun to Itaewon anyway.
                       “Oh…great…who’s walking bad luck now?” Kyuhyun raised his right eyebrow and Ryeowook just pouted.
                        “Why don’t we just spend the night here?” Kyuhyun suggested.
                        “In the phone booth?” Ryeowook looked at him with wide eyes.
                        “No! Of course not silly! There!” Kyuhyun pointed at a flickering sign that says “INN” one block away. Ryeowook thought they really don’t have much option so he agreed but he was terribly worried.
                        “Are we going to share a room?”
                        “Hey what are you thinking? We will get separate rooms. I’ll pay, don’t worry.” Kyuhyun blurted out with his eyebrows furrowing in the middle.
                        “Damn Kyuhyun…can he read my mind?!” Ryeowook grimaced at the thought.
                        “C’mon Ryeowook…we really don’t have much choice.”
                         They dashed outside, still sharing Kyuhyun’s coat over their heads, towards the nearest inn.
                         “How many rooms sir?” The receptionist, who looked like he was also the owner, asked the two dripping men in front of him.
                         “Two rooms please?” Kyuhyun answered.
                          “Uhmmm…alright…let me check…” The receptionist checked his logbook and then his face fell. 
                          “What’s wrong?” Ryeowook was suddenly worried.  
                          “Uhmmm…as much as we really want to accommodate you, but because of the rains, a lot of people were stranded and the inn doesn’t have much rooms…” The man explained apologetically.
                           “So you’re telling me you don’t have rooms?” Kyuhyun was starting to get annoyed and Ryeowook can feel it .
                            “No…we have a room…just one room. We can accommodate you if you don’t mind sharing…”
                            The two looked at each other incredulously as if neither of them was actually trusting the other. There was uncomfortable silence until Kyuhyun decided to say something.
                            “I think that would be okay, maybe we can just request for an additional futon bed right?”
                            “Yeah…right?” Ryeowook echoed trying to avoid Kyuhyun’s gaze.
                            “Uhmmm…we’re really sorry but…”
                             “So many people are stranded and all the futon beds were used up…” Kyuhyun finished his sentence and the receptionist just nodded.
                             “You know what it doesn’t matter…we’ll take the room anyway…” Kyuhyun said in a very much irritated manner.
                             “Okay sir…and besides what’s wrong with two men sharing a bed right?” The receptionist formed an unsure smile on his face.
                              “Right...” The two chorused nervously and they looked at each other again suspiciously.
                             “Hey…I paid for the room so you’ll be the one sleeping on the sofa.” Kyuhyun said as he tried to remove his wet socks and shoes with a grossed out expression on his face.
                            “ Sure…” Ryeowook rolled his eyes. He really hates to be poor around Kyuhyun. He sat on the chair and he removed his hoodie, that he thought was waterproof, was now soaking with water.
                              “I’ll shower first…” Kyuhyun went inside the bathroom.
Ryeowook waited outside shivering so he decided to turn the aircon off and turned up the heater a bit. He was warming himself beside the said machine when Kyuhyun went out of the bathroom wearing a white bath robe.
                               “Hey! Is that the only thing you are wearing?!” Ryeowook said in outrage as he can’t help looking at Kyuhyun’s chest peeking through the fabric.
                                “Uhmm…yeah can you see other options around here? Unless you can tell me you can make clothes out of those curtains?” Kyuhyun answered sarcastically.
                                 “Are you serious?” Ryeowook’s eyes were now popping out of it’s sockets as he tried to not look at the bottom half of Kyuhyun’s anatomy.
                                 “AS I HAVE SAID…CAN YOU MAKE ME A SHIRT OUT OF THE CURTAINS?!” Kyuhyun questioned Ryeowook, exhaustion slowly creeping in.
                                  Ryeowook sighed and he stomped his way to the bathroom.
                                  He turned the hot water on and he loved how the water touched his cold skin and then Kyuhyun wearing a bathrobe flashed in his mind and Ryeowook decided to switch the water to cold. He swallowed hard, hoping that when he went out, Kyuhyun will be fast asleep to end all these awkwardness. 

                                   Kyuhyun rested his head on the soft pillows and he was already dozing off. This day was indeed exhausting…physically, mentally and emotionally. He realized the mental part was not ending anytime soon. He was not really sure if sleeping inside a single room with Ryeowook was safe. He was starting to drift off when thoughts of Ryeowook going out of the bathroom wearing only a bathrobe came into his mind. He felt something hard down there and Kyuhyun swore this can’t be happening. He suddenly wanted to be back at Zhoumi’s clinic. Much to his horror, the door knob started to move so he quickly flipped himself on the bed lying on his belly, his “embarrassing problem” away from Ryeowook’s view. He shut his eyes close, not planning to see Ryeowook in his robes even for just one second. He can sense Ryeowook moving around the room, his heart beating wildly against his chest. He tried to think of anything that can make his “problem” go away. He thought of the most horrible roadkills he can imagine, of finding flies swimming in his clam chowder, her nannie’s mommy panties and he even ventured on thinking about Siwon’s dirty stinky socks…just to get his thoughts away from Kim Ryeowook in a bathrobe.
                                    Suddenly Kyuhyun felt the bed dip, he gripped on the bed sheets hard and his heartbeat accelerated more.
                                    Ryeowook touched Kyuhyun’s shoulder to get his attention and he was taken aback when Kyuhyun suddenly jumped and  screamed like he touched by a monster or something.
                                    “Hey what the hell’s wrong with you?!” Ryeowook looked at him clueless. Kyuhyun was now sitting on the bed with his legs crossed and his whole body covered with a blanket, except for his head. He opened his eyes and was surprised to see Ryeowook wearing a white shirt and blue sweatpants. He let out a heavy sigh of relief.
                                    “Where did you get those dry clothes?” Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook from head to foot.
                                    “There inside the cabinets…” Ryewook pointed inside the bathroom.
                                     “They do have those? Are there still extras?”
                                      “Yes they do have these, you just don’t know how to look for them…sheesh…always using your mouth before your eyes!” Ryeowook huffed as he gathered their wet clothes around.
                                      “Do you mind if I put your clothes beside the heater too so they can dry up?” Ryeowook started to collect Kyuhyun’s clothes.
                                      “Uhmm…sure…” Kyuhyun then disappeared inside the bathroom to get changed. He immediately went to the sink to wash his face with cold water.
                                       Kyuhyun went out the bathroom and he saw Ryeowook already sprawled on the not so comfortable sofa. What can you expect from an old inn? Some of the springs were already protruding and it looked like a colony of bed bugs reside on it. He went to his bed and he got a pillow and one of the cover sheets. He walked towards Ryeowook and he nudged him on the shoulder.
                                       “Yeah?” Ryeowook tried to open his eyes.
                                       “Here…”Kyuhyun gave him the pillow and the blanket.
                                      “Thanks” Ryeowook gave him a lazy smile.
                                      “Good night Ryeowook…”
                                      “Night thing! Sleep well…dream of me will you? 
                                       Two hours into the night, Kyuhyun was still wide awake staring at the sleeping figure on the couch. Ryeowook was asleep but his forehead was scrunched in the middle. He was tossing and turning uncomfortably on it. A pang of guilt crept inside Kyuhyun and the irony of it all just amazes him. He’s the one on the comfortable queen –sized bed but he was the one who’s still awake.
                                       “Those springs must hurt a lot on his back…” Kyuhyun squinted his eyes to see Ryeowook. 
                                        “Aisssshh!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kyuhyun stood up and approached the couch. He studied the sleeping boy thoughtfully and he scooped him carefully from the couch bridal style.
                                        “Damn! How can someone this thin be so freaking heavy?!” Kyuhyun was starting to regret his decision as he maneuvered his way through the room. He gently laid down Ryeowook on the bed. He gathered three pillows and he lined them beside Ryeowook, sort of a barrier between the two of them. He slumped into the bed, tired and ready to doze off. He looked at the clock and he saw it’s already 2 am. He lifted his head a bit to check on Ryeowook and he saw the blissful expression on his face. Kyuhyun smiled to himself and he decided to rest his head comfortably on the pillow.
                                       “I can finally sleep in peace…” He shut his eyes and he and soon he was taken away into dreamland.
                                        The sun’s warm rays woke him up and he opened his eyes squinting a bit. Kyuhyun tried to move but was surprised to feel an arm around his waist. He opened his eyes fully and almost screamed when he saw Ryeowook’s face hovering a good ½ an inch away from his. He was even more surprised to figure out that his own arm was around the other’s waist too.
                                         The first reaction was to jump…pull away…get out of the bed and stay away from Ryeowook as far as possible.
                                         THAT was the proper reaction of a man that’s about to propose marriage to his 10-year girlfriend.

                                         But Cho Kyuhyun on that particular day decided to be a bit defiant. Under the perfect excuse that he was just curious, he decided to hold on to the small of Ryeowook’s back, letting his hand settle on it. Kyuhyun ,in the haze of the morning light and his morning brain, decided to not pull away and stare at the other’s sleeping face a little bit longer.
                                        It was actually a big mistake. Looking closely at a sleeping Ryeowook was like going for the kill. He was quickly fixated at those cute red lips and he was suddenly curious how it will feel like against his, without the context of an accident just like what happened to them in the bathroom weeks ago.

                                        Kyuhyun moved forward .He can smell Ryeowook’s hair and he wondered why it smelled a lot sweeter when they used the same shampoo from last night.
                                        Was he really going to kiss him?
                                        Kyuhyun moved tentatively without even closing his eyes. He let his lips touch Ryeowook’s soft ones and he moved it a bit, enveloping the other’s lower lip between his. 
                                        He suddenly wished he was never curious because it never felt like anything before. He just wanted to cry right there and then.
                                        He wanted to cry because it just felt so right.
                                         Kyuhyun closed his eyes, twitching his lips a few more times, he was afraid the loud beating of his heart might wake Ryeowook up.

                                        “Oh my gosh…tell me I’m dreaming? Is he really kissing me?” Ryeowook said in his mind as he laid there stoned, having a hard time telling reality and his dreams apart.

A/N2: I hope i made up for my indefinite hiatus :) 
02 July 2011 @ 05:47 am
 TITLE: So I’m Yours Too, Right?
Author: leunah23 
Length: Drabble
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kyuwook
Summary: Kyuhyun was just acting like a property.
A/N: This is a sequel to In Bold Red Letters. You can read it here. I’m sick and bored so I decided to write something so I hope it’s not so crappy :)  Enjoy reading! 
and this is for purplelove2nee8 because she asked for a sequel so I wrote one :) 

         “So why are we walking again with your arm around my shoulder?” Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun with irritation all over his face. It’s really embarrassing because everyone’s looking at them and the taller man just looked all proud and smug, like he’s walking with the prettiest girl in the campus.
        “Nothing…because I like to…why isn’t it normal for guy friends to walk around like this?” Kyuhyun smirked, gripping Ryeowook’s shoulder tighter.
        “This close? You’re 3 mm away from invading my personal space you know?” Ryeowook tried to push Kyuhyun away. 
        “You’re so cute!” Kyuhyun tried to pull Ryeowook closer while the latter struggled.
        “Yah! Cho Kyuhyun! Stop it! Why are you doing this? Seriously?” Ryeowook struggled more.
        “Is this you’re bag?” Kyuhyun touched the strap of the other’s backpack on his shoulder.
         “Yes of course it’s my bag!” Ryeowook tried to straighten his now crumpled sleeves.
        “See?” Kyuhyun put his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulder again and pulled him close. Ryewook look at him clueless and baffled as Kyuhyun dragged him upstairs to their next class.
         “You do realize that you’re holding my hand?” Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun during lunch time. He found it weird that Kyuhyun was sitting beside him today and not across him as he normally would.
         “Under the table?” Kyuhyun asked him back while trying to eat with his other hand.
         “Yes…Cho Kyuhyun, under the table. You’re holding my hand under the table.” Ryeowook said in a matter-of-factly tone.
          “Like this?” Kyuhyun pulled up their entwined hands up for all the world to see. Ryeowook quickly hid their hands again under the table.
          “What are you doing? I give up! You really are a freak!” Ryeowook let out a heavy sigh, trying to use anger to distract the accelerated breathing of his heart. Come to think of it, he never really thought of pulling away. He just sat there and let Kyuhyun’s fingers fiddle with his palm.
            He never really thought of pulling away just because it felt nice. Totally no feelings involved and he’s totally not spazzing inside.
           “Why are we doing this? Ryeowook tried to break the awkward silence.
            “Is that your milk?” Kyuhyun pointed at the carton of milk Ryeowook was holding with his right hand.
            “Uhmmm…yes? See I’m holding it and I’m drinking it?” Ryeowook can’t really get anything Kyuhyun has been saying all day.
             “You’re holding it. Be grateful holding your hand’s just the thing I’m doing right now. I should be doing more you know.” Kyuhyun eyed his lips in a way that made him flinch.
             “Damn it! I don’t get you just one bit!” Ryeowook was feeling his frustration escalating to greater heights.
             “It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Kyuhyun just laughed and Ryeowook scrunched his face in further disbelief.
             “Kyuhyun…it’s already 3 bus stops away from school and you’re still here sitting beside me.” Ryeowook looked boringly outside. It was really raining pretty hard and he can see the swaying violently with the wind. It’s just 5:45 pm but the sky is already pitch black.
              “I told you I’m walking you home.” Kyuhyun loosened his tie as he relaxed on his seat.
              “C’mon Kyuhyun, you gotta be kidding me...and what are your plans for your car you left in the school’s parking lot?”
              “I’ll go back for it later.”
               Ryeowook felt silent as he thought about this. He’s really confused. Sure, he admired Kyuhyun for 2 years now but he liked him from afar. Princely, poised, charming and talented Kyuhyun was apparently better to be admired from a distance. As he got to know him more, his perfect image in Ryeowook heart and mind started to fall into unsightly pieces. He’s definitely arrogant, boisterous, proud and an all around bully. He teased him on a daily basis and sometimes Ryeowook was really insulted and irritated.
               Despite all of these though, he had to admit he still look at him with tiny hearts in his eyes. He just can’t help it. It’s just like one of those love stories where the girl falls for a guy he liked from afar thinking he’s everything she wanted and when she got too close, she sees the glaring cracks of his personality. But then when she realized this, it was all too late for her. She has fallen deeply in love.
               “Deeply in love?” Ryeowook was alarmed by that realization. No he didn’t think so. Why would he fall in love with Kyuhyun? Sheesh…he’s handsome but his personality is really horrible. He just can’t imagine being with him every day and stay sane. He was carefully guarding his heart these past few days. What if Kyuhyun was just being so perceptive and he figured out Ryeowook really liked him since before and he was just giving him his time of the day? He figured he couldn’t afford that kind of major heartache.
               “Do you feel cold?”
Ryewook was brought back to reality when he felt long arms encircling his waist and another person’s breathing dangerously close to his ear. He then realized Kyuhyun was hugging him from the side.
                “Why are you doing this?”
                “Is this your coat” Kyuhyun pointed at Ryeowook’s uniform with his lips.
                “Yes…it’s my coat.”
                “That’s my reason for hugging you.”
                 Ryeowook pried Kyuhyun’s arms away with a serious look on his face.
                 “Stop playing around Kyuhyun. I’m not your play thing. You might be able to do anything you want to everything that you have but please…just stop it.”
                 “What are you saying? Playing around?” Kyuhyun said with tone of huge disbelief.
                 “Yes…I’m saying stop playing around with me and stop being cryptic!” Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun with an anger laced expression that pierced Kyuhyun’s heart.
                  “I’m not playing around with you…” Kyuhyun was saying it in his mind but somehow, the words didn’t reach his mouth fast enough.
                 “Now…you’re the one telling me this? C’mon Ryewook…tell me who’s being more cryptic here? Who’s the one voluntarily bringing lunch for me every day? Who’s the one texting me at 7 pm every single day asking me if I already ate my dinner? And who’s the one who wrote his name on my forehead which means he’s claiming me? Huh?” Kyuhyun was suddenly outraged and it was fortunate that the seats in front of them and behind them were empty.
Ryeowook felt like his head was tipped on the side spilling all it’s contents on the floor. He was just in a loss for words to say.
                 “Am I…am I not be just being a good friend?” Ryeowook spoke silently when he regained his senses.
“Oh…alright so maybe I was just being naïve then. I’m sorry, I thought we’re on the same page here, well apparently we’re not even on the same book.” Kyuhyun stood up and went all the way down the bus amidst the heavy downpour outside
Ryeowook was left with a little stabbing pain on his heart. He regretted he even opened his mouth. But he was really confused, he might like Kyuhyun but he didn’t foresee the possibility that the other might actually like him back. Situations like this remained unrehearsed in his mind and now Cho Kyuhyun just walked out on him.
                  He leaned his head on the window and he watched the hard rains hit the glass harshly and then he imagined Kyuhyun walking under that rain without an umbrella. He stood up by instinct and not thinking about anything else.
                  Ryeowook ran on the streets, earning curses from other pedestrians he splashed water on because of his heavy footsteps. He held his umbrella over his head, hoping he would see something faintly navy blue in a distance.

                  “Stupid…stupid Cho Kyuhyun!” He cursed in his mind as some of the wind blown rain made his face wet.
                   “Good friend my ass….” Kyuhyun huffed as he walked with heavy footsteps in the street, all drenched in water and dripping all over. His hair was an unruly mess in his head and he was beginning to feel the cold in his bones.
He was mad, confused and mourning over his trampled pride. He might not have done a very conventional confession but he believed it was quite close.
                    Ryeowook didn’t answer in a much conventional way either but the endpoint was still the same.
                    Kyuhyun still felt he was rejected and dumped.
                   “Cho Kyuhyun!!!”

                    “Great…now I’m hallucinating.” Kyuhyun tried to figure out if he’s already having a fever because he was starting to shiver too.
                  “ CHO KYUHYUN!!!!” Ryeowook screamed at the top of his lungs.

                    Kyuhyun turned around and he eyes went wide to see an equally harassed- looking Ryeowook despite holding an umbrella. He stopped on his tracks and waited for Ryeowook to be in front of him.
                    “You’re so stupid! What were you thinking running away in this rain like that?!” Ryeowook pulled Kyuhyun under the protection of his umbrella.
                     Kyuhyun was speechless but he looked at Ryeowook with love in his eyes.
                    “Why are you here?” Kyuhyun tried to look at Ryeowook’s eyes but the other avoided his gaze.
                    “I…I…to be honest…I still don’t know…”
                     Kyuhyun leaned forward and kissed his lips in a split second. Ryeowook was shocked and he was not able to react.
                    “Hey…do it again.I was caught unaware. I was not given a chance to react properly. Ryeowook closed his eyes and pouted his lips, tipping his head upward a bit, waiting to be kissed.
                     Kyuhyun started to laugh uncontrollably looking at Ryeowook like that. He encircled his arms around Ryeowook, pulling him into a very tight hug. The smaller man felt the other’s damp clothes wetting his relatively dry ones but he didn’t care. He can honestly say there’s no warmer place on earth than this.
                      “Help me figure this out…will you?” Ryeowook whispered as Kyuhyun raised his head from being buried on Ryeowook’s neck, but still holding him.
                       “Sure…” Kyuhyun stroked Ryeowook’s jaw gently as he leaned forward, taking his time as he watched Ryeowook’s eyelashes flutter as he closed their lips together. He kissed him slowly and gently as possible. Feeling Ryeowook’s soft lips against his just made the storm infested city and the stagnant traffic in the background turn into a welcoming grassy picnic ground in a sunny, sunny day.
                        Ryeowook felt blissful as Kyuhyun finally kissed him properly. He pulled Kyuhyun’s nape downward to deepen the kiss as his other hand still held on tightly to his umbrella.
                         In his mind, Ryeowook was saying;
                         “Who needs to stay sane every day anyway?”